Plural you

Saturday, December 18, 2010

you've always been my girl
you could say you're disappointed
but here,I really gotta say I am.

so best friend
one of
but I don't have a lot you see
at least I took you true..

you probably made comparison between you
and him
but it's totally different.
we noticed,and been left out
but we'd really love to..
and I'm just waiting for the time
'cause I've got difficulties too

heart pounding when I have to dial your numbers,
I know I had to.
it seemed late
and I don't know where time I'd lost
at least I'm honest
and I'll always wanna know the truth
I don't wanna play games
with my dearests

publish your thoughts anonymously to me
it feels nothing,but only betrayed..

you could have talked
we could have talked
and more in my part
it's not needed to feel like you gave in so much
and now you're giving up

"true friends are never apart,
maybe in distance but not in heart"

I've found some.
because I've always believed in it
and it really exists
but this only proves the magic
in our distanced-friendship didn't work

reason why I have him positioned firm
convenient or not,
there he is

I just couldn't believe there're criticisms from you,
doubts in us
we don't need that anymore
I know I appreciated you

I wish I could say I randomly saw
the above article from nowhere
and just wanted to share..
but no
I'm affected much
so much
I really couldn't believe this silly fight
we going through again.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

tilt tilt lil baby

so cartoonish detective looking HAHA

guess he's tired.
he didn't look this way out of the photos


simply Attachment than dependant

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


short lifespan
but withered roses are too,beautiful



darn cute folks



graphic was good
but super hanging ending




it's idiotic to have watched it.
I've already got aqua/fish-phobia
and yet!omg
somemore we watched it along the way to Pangkor
I couldn't stop the hysteric reaction
I don't think baby could stand it too
totally ewwy


Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows 1

much much much better than the last one
and looking forward for the second part!