After Kindergarten

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm too excited to say hello
and here's a word post.

I didn't neglect posting but totally ignored it!
grounded myself with exam mood.
did so shitty in my trials
got the least marks among 50 other classmates
for almost all subjects.
I had the guts not studying for the trials
but panicked when the date's SO CLOSE
and I got my dumb results

anyway,I strived real hard.REAL HARD
for the past three-four weeks
damn proud that I actually had that will power
lasted for all those miliseconds.

some sort of pride,
having to sit for the Unified Examination Certificate.
my super finals of my high school years

I felt not absolutely prepared
but quite fully.

for the government papers,
you have hours to sleep.
for this,you barely gasp
so rushy you really gotta make fast
yes,these're the questions you gonna answer
and start writing non stop
seriously,your knuckles hurt then.
and get numbed-


for the first time,
I actually liked it!
terpengaruh oleh rakan sebaya Tan Bing En,
he made me realised
History is important 'cause..I don't know.
'cause he likes it!
well you start to like something
when you get to understand it..
somebody you like likes it!

on the sixth year
I finally recognized the stories
which from texts I'd never passed..

wrote a meaningful composition ;)
The Things That Made Life Worth Living.
it was the first question among 6
didn't even bother considering the rest
I actually read the other five only after finishing my compo..
I'm sort of a very emotional person..
as in,感情丰富

aaa.and the rest,we'll just wait for the results!
*packing papers to recycle
getting rid of books*


slept at 2 in the morn
baby overnight here
last paper,final sprint.

then we got stuck on the road for bout an hour!
time passed a lot quicker today
thinkin' I'd be so soon back to my bed
but I'm too excited in front of my screen now!
so many plans ahead oh gosh no more books!

you always have this mixed up feeling.
so damn excited for the last day to come
before the exam have even started
well my heart really wants to jump out
as the days're counting down!
but so damn panic revising the subjects for following days

eyes really get puffy due to looooong hours of studies.
even allergy on lips.lips chapped!;(
never had that problem
and I'm always quite happy with my lips..
medication recovered now

I'm not sure whether I did 'em well.
but totally all in for ALL subjects..
err.half a no.
and they were basically smoooooth.

well there're just differences between
taking exams that's gonna be repeating every half a year
taking the last one you gonna take in high school
where high school ends.ENDS-

finally now,my longest holiday ever
I shall restore my inner strength now..
*I pick up habits quite easily eh.
too much of writing,not even a single photo in this post!HAHA

Lungs burning books

Thursday, October 14, 2010

kindly come back..
probably next next Friday.

Teddy's Tail

Monday, October 4, 2010

moving around a lot.
was crumpling junk food packet for his attention..


(check out third pic,soHAHAH sorry baby :p)

it all has a bond

I have to say this over and over
because I feel it

I remember typing this every year
and it grows stronger every now and then
I'm really sorry I wasn't prepared
when you were first here..
as if of unmarried pregnancy HAHA


too curious too gluttonous
too hyper too adorable
too baby like I wanna craddle you

mommy loves you

spoilt spoiler..