He woofs and she meeeoaws

Thursday, August 25, 2011


forgot to mention bout this fella.
we got her in an alley in April.; )

only a palm full of a new born kitty all alone so wet looking so scared
after begging her,mom took it back with us.aw
like a 5 year old girl ain't ?hah

so,bro's more of a cat person and me,well animals
he simply and automatically took her as his pet now
Damien,though she's a she.

anyways,thanks mimmy!
for taking care of our fluffies


Monday, August 22, 2011

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loves a bundle*

Yep,like 1 2 3 i'll be there;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bruno Mars-Count On Me(cover)
video response to Jasmine's post1 & post2

there's always someone out there for us to count on.
other than romance and blood relation,
friendship is what build us stronger. ;)
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Clickaway Love!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

a helping hand to Rowena

and friends,students from the Uplands International School
in association with a non-profit organization, Asa Community Service (ACS)

the site was set up & designed by Rowena
and fellow friends contributing handcrafts & stuff on sales
to donate to the ACS.
handmade keyholders!

retro stickers


greeting cards and more!
artwork updates on every friday

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Summer,like still summer!

ahh been a while since i blogged!
having my first sem break from Uni ;)
so fine so fun so far

i'm having my own personal account on facebook now
so,uploads of the past four months in uni will be up in album!

i feel as if the juniors are like nobody
'cause even in the same school,same floor and only floor,
the seniors don't seem to acknowledge you.
but it's funny how it works in college,
next sem,you're senior already
and sometimes to be in the same class with the late comers.
anyhow,i love batch of mine!

i'm surprised i still find good friends in college/uni
sincerity is all ;)
so glad i have em.
i miss them already.
and not forgetting to mention i have the best lecturers ever in my life.
they're ALL so gooood.
i'm so lucky

music,everyday's like deadline.
stress but we swim in enjoyment

i'll be promoting some good stuff/site on the coming post,stay tuned;)
but before that,a movie this afternoon before babe went back to hometown;)


gorgeous people on earth

a guy that does every lil stuff for the romance and the brainy sexy girl

Leonardo DiCaprio comes first,
then he's one most charming actor;))

check out:Guess Who & The Guardian by Ashton


and perhaps a movie we watched on our first anni (coming up soon!)



superhero above sure has a mixture of both guys below
Chad Michael Murray

600full-channing-tatum (1)
Channing Tatum

chris evans
ahh Chris Evans

seems Hayley's another name for Belle.--Hayley Atwell,sweet

and,one more we had that night after our one day trip (very soon!!)



was a lil excited bout the animals,
but the animals part were filmed much lesser than i thought
though,the effect was like i really couldn't help bursting laughters SO LOUD in the theatre!
very entertaining dialogs :)

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