Senses Overwhelmed

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's so late now
and i'm still trying to type my essay in the library,
on Bach bach bach.
shuffle mode on iTunes and it skipped on this
sum41-some say
Sum41 had me an impression of a punk rock vocal.
immature rock.
but somehow they're in the list.

acoustic version

I had so much time on my own now
so much time
to myself.

i miss the real band i had,i miss a band.
i was a vocalist,but coming into this school,i'm already embarrassed.
i heard their powerful vocals from the rooms.
i'm not a very jazzy person nor a classical person.
i hated classical songs.
i didn't fell in love with em til i understand em
i'm not a very rock person,nor a heavy metal person.

but Music will do.

IMG_9197 copy

i feel as though i wanna be freed
i don't really know from what

Ears to feel,heart to listen-

Saturday, June 25, 2011


college's fun,
at the same time,big stress.
so occupying,but am managing well!;)

finally to have time for some photos.

tagging along my buys on Albom's!
recommended:Five People you Meet in Heaven-Mitch Albom

T.H.A.N.K.S mimmy for the college gift she got me right on the night before orientation
that lovely aluminium ohh with super good built in sound and video system!
so much to mention,
i'm in heaven already.
can't wait to make my second proper cover!;p

and my ever adorable super sound proof earphones!
ice cream pink
comes along with difference sizes of earholes washable/reusable rubber


i'm ever grateful to have my chance

Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Russian Romance

an honor to be there because of our course mate Wani;)
a first timer to the orchestra performance.
first timer for a performance by the MPYO

it was dreamlike.
to listen to live soundtracks playing.
i feel a living drama!
romance!my thing.

Wani's a damn good violinist.
i was so into it even when she's only practising.
couldn't enjoy more!;)
feeling lucky to can audience her solo in the room all by ourselves


Friends in strange places

first time to audience Chamber music
another honor,to my major lecturer Dr.Nicholas on Shumann;)
more romance!:))

i really like his playing gestures,a lot a lot.
and in learning wise,he's the best teacher EVER.

mom:so now no more private lesson,but how bout school?
me:oh we actually do have lessons on major,individually an hour every week.
(mom looked confused)she thought it's like music lesson with others in a class.
mom:you mean one on one with with your lecturer??
even confused,or surprised.
mom:with THE NicholasOng?
me:yea mom,the NicholasOng.

the NicholasOng.

i'm one shooting star-
posters from google

Rock n' Roll

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Train rides almost everyday for the past month,
and my constipation never occurs anymore.
only to excuse from my distress.
it's actually bloody tiring..;(
but i get to drive now weee;)

and yea,
my stamina's becoming stronger.
i could walk doggy longer(:

college is hectic.
awesome peers,lectureers.awesome peers & lecturers B)

finally today,
a proper post bout the real life i'm living in,
and get to inhale some morning breeze instead of aircond breeze.
i'm almost contented [:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

this is also one of my favorite of all recents.



omg they totally ruined the image of our lovely mermaids.
total nightmare.
oh poor princess Ariel..
but goodlord the last impression was then on beauty below



what a hot priest

Gotta catch up with the previous series again
but this,should be the favorite among all four!
basically i'm rating it individually 'cause i've forgotten them ;s
this episode's kind of a humorous romantic adventure.
and i know it's already a must watch for everyone out there
so,piece of extra!
p.s.i don't know why is the rating for this the lowest among four;(

photos from google


Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is my favorite of all i've watched recently.
humanism,animal cruelty and vintage stuff
ohh this really made me emotional.

"life is the most spectacular show on earth.."

glad that i watched it with mom!
a woman yes duh.
women appreciate love stories more ;p
well at least they tear watching touching scenes


i love Edward!in Twilight,but not the other 2series.
expressionless,but Rob showed the most convincing eternal love;)
then RememberMe.
he's not really super good-looking,but his acting!
breath taking tone is SO ATTRACTIVE.

got all the soundtracks
damn ALL my favorite.
Playing with the flashing scene is so much more beautiful
instrumental music composer JamesNewtonHoward,you'd see a bit of JamesHorner;)
this guy could even compose after reading the book!
nice one.


posters from google


Barcelona,please don't go.

reminds me so much of your departure so soon..


Saturday, June 4, 2011


well i forgot that did i watch ALL the previous ones,
but this surely made me a fan of the coming ones!
hot cars/girls.
ahh the only thing is cast for DwayneJ here is so..not him
baby notified me with VinDiesel's voice for soundtrack
lol so cute.

i like them together,so hot

i can't recognize the cars so well as boyfriend does,
but hell i know they're HOT

our favorite soundtrack in fast5


I am number 4

numberh one in malaysia lol are u kidding me
aliens in human forms
at first i thought it's some kiddo stuff but turned out more than not bad.
photography element was blended into the film,
arg so jealous of sarah's cameras collection



Dianna Agron! GLEE cast oh

MeganFox,DiannaAgron ah my vintage queens

photos from google

The Royal Ballet

mythology,ballet dancing,orchestral music
remarkably also on their non-tradisional ballet

stayed up til the morning to watch a clearer version on tv!
didn't watch it live but it's already on it's best rating.
i never knew i love watching ballet dancing this much.
since Black Swan i'd say;)