Yep,there goes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


new place to reside


Thursday, December 15, 2011

have i posted this before?

Mia if you're here.i'm swill wearing the tee you gave me ;p
Sean,i still listen to this song.hahaha

oh man,i didn't realize it was recorded 2months already!
December December December.

One Dance.

Friday, December 9, 2011

i spent some time reminiscing over my journals.
All the pictures all the memories,
All so vivid.


i adapt.
but the pain lasts

i could move on easily,
or i could frown and soak my pillow wet

but i'm gonna move on and soak my pillow wet.

i'll miss us,so much.
but i'm over it.
i'll miss all the good things we've had
all the times we've been through.


i miss my pinafore
i miss fooling around with the people in their uniforms.
i miss breaking the school rules
i miss the time we've first met.
the boy i used to love,you weren't anymore.
the girl you fell for,ain't there either.
i'll miss how people say we look good together (:


it's nothing bout the distance.
or to say,not so much bout the distance.

we were once so happy together :]
we ever gonna look better to picture we've moved on..
but we'll be watching from a distance now.

i cried,i suffocated in my own breath,
not anymore..
stay well,love

if only you knew me

Wednesday, December 7, 2011




Musical !

Sunday, December 4, 2011

peers n i,
first time being in a musical performance. ;D
ohh so excited and looking forward for tonight's show!

please come and support!
anyways,we ARE malaysians.

We 'R' Malaysia-There Is Hope, The Musical
Date: 4 December 2011, Sunday
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Dewan Lee San Choon, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.
Price: Admission by Donation.


*below content from

We R Malaysia The Musical_1 poster


We ‘R’ Malaysia - There Is Hope, The Musical is at first, a brief travel back in time through the history of the Chinese in Malaysia. From the first and second waves of Chinese initially arriving in the 1400’s and later in the late 1800’s, the story continues to the struggle for Independence. Merdeka marks a turning point in Chinese sentiments towards Malaya. With origin initially rooted in homeland China, the post Merdeka Chinese generation are now granted citizenship, and make Malaya their new home.

The 1980’s experiences unprecedented economic growth from an agricultural economy to an industrialized one. Crossing over to the second millennium, an emerging generation is born into an IT economy era. The past of hard sweat and struggles are mostly left behind and a younger and more affluent generation faces fresh challenges, different from what their forefathers encountered.

The second part of The Musical revolves around Ah Xiong, a young Malaysian Chinese boy who grows up during the unprecedented economic growth of the 1980’s. His older brother, James graduates and becomes a successful lawyer in London. Hoping to reunite the family, Ah Xiong travels to London and attempts to persuade James to return for a visit. Unable to take time off his busy schedule, James sends his son Alosyius to Malaysia under the care Ah Xiong.

As time passes, Aloysius is later offered a scholarship in Britain. However instead of jumping at the opportunity, he’s determined to stay in Malaysia and continue Uncle Ah Xiong’s dreams. Ah Xiong is faced with the challenge of mentoring his nephew. It is a task he feels inadequate to handle on his own. Aloysius’s future now lies in the hands of those who are older, with those who will genuinely invest their lives into the next generation.

3017 Amber Concept A-Back(r3)

Persatuan Perintis Bina Negara Melaka (PPBN) presents a one night of a generous donation upon admission for all Malaysians, to promote their latest in nation building for the next generation. PPBN brings you, We 'R' Malaysia-There Is Hope, The Musical!

PPBN has previously conducted We 'R' Malaysia road shows in schools and colleges to create awareness of nation building and to promote the value of ‘many but one’. The message is to set aside our differences and begin to think and take care of one another.

This non-profit organisation seeks to advance unity, engage in dialogue and encourage mutual understanding between different ethnicities and generations within the same race. Hence, to kick start the month of December 2011, PPBN brings you, We 'R' Malaysia-There Is Hope, The Musical!!!

We 'R' Malaysia-There Is Hope, The Musical
Date: 4 December 2011, Sunday
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Dewan Lee San Choon, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.
Price: Admission by Donation.

Film Drunken

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sleep Walker

cool movie
'cause it was terrifying,
but ending didn't wrap up giving me nightmare,at all B)


tintin_poster_two_2011_a_p (1)

totally adventurous!
cartoons are definitely must watch(:

but pathetically nowadays tv cartoons try to have tooo much moral values

toooo logical.
dumb cartoons.


Tower Heist Film
Tower Heist

so serious on the poster
but so stupid!entertaining.
duh.with ben stiller & eddie murphy


Happy Feet2

mates say it's better than the first.
i say it's so much more miu sical.


man,PINK's voicing gloria.(((((;


apple of my eye4

apple of my eye3



apple of my eye2



apple of my eye

i never anymore shed a tear for you..
nor do i shed anymore tear so easily for anything else
you ever belonged to those years.(:


Puss in Boots

must watch lahh damn.



breaking dawn up nexxxt yeahh

Music Festival 2011 @UCSI

Monday, November 21, 2011



yes,very happening!
signed up for the crew team(;

please be there people!

Venue : UCSI (south wing)
Date : 26th & 27th November 2011

click* for more details :))

In Time

Sunday, October 30, 2011



you'd be awestruck coming out of the theater!
it's not only a movie but a life reminder of time
and i'm still here procrastinating..
but but writing you a review!



"Men talk of killing time,
while time quietly kills them"
___________________________-Dion Boucicault


recommended : The Terminal
also written by Andre Nicol,directed by StevenSpielberg

reminds me one of the favorite song
Savin' Me-Nickelback

Semi vegan again!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

hell of a jam to OneU during Deepavali.
so good to be home even for only a day!

well,i needed my color.
but they were out of stock,store to store.
worse,out of choice

regret only getting one after a few scratches;(

i believe my current diet nerves me a lot
i wanna start again.(: next meal!
vege vege vege

and a haircut finally!

i always miss so many things.
miss makes one depress.
i'm gonna stop missing.
just gonna keep you in mind. ;)

Small screen;Big screen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Hang Over

but idiotic
catching up with HangOver2!!


223902id1k_THE TOWN_27x40_1Sheet_0410.indd
The Town

looked promising and it was well wrapped up
my favorite part was the very ending.;)



it's SO COOL when they pick movies the perfect casts.

Thor French Poster


1Sht (Page 1)
X-Men First Class

the old superheroes could be SO GOOD LOOKING when they were young lol

Stevie Jobs

back to movie,
X-men ever gets better!
love how stories twist what you thought you've watched.
recommended: The Lion King 1/2
James McAvoy ♥


oh come on.


Johnny English Reborn


well,it's Mr.Bean.
just the talking Mr.Bean,
i guess he gets even stupid,just cooler ;p
old man gets the hot chick B)


Nasi Lemak 2.0

technically,Malaysian filming shown better

but jokes were seriously lame
if you were a malaysia,support the box office for some sarcasm;D


Final Destination5

Then paranoid.

i had cold sweat and tensioned for 2freaking hours


The Thing

i think the idea was there
Cheryllyn and i didn't stop screaming when the strereo blasted
so did Wendy and Jiacy's laughter

if i were to rate for another watch for above two,it's be zero.
'cause they're successful stupid horror movies.



ahh Taylor Lautner x Lily Colllins(from TheBlindSide)


Taylor should win something in the teens award
but the whole thing was a lil too fancy
not too bad though(:


Real Steel

everyone's Hugh Jackman.

needless to say,
I want you to fight for me,
that's all i wanted

Leave me alone

Friday, October 21, 2011

i've been rather miserable these days.
i'm struggling in expressing
i found the words in listening to JessieJ's.
leave me alone-

but yet not really.

i've been really nice at school.
to all the people around me.
to all the things i have to accomplish.

i don't need you to hold me then break me.
i rather be a loner
the more i try the less is working,
you affect me so much darling girl

despite the depressing stuffs
i think i'm reaching it.
to be really where i am
instead missing there when i'm here
and missing here when i'm there.

boy's such a lover
so better(: